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My mission has always been to bring humanity into health care, and I have done everything within my grasp that would allow for this to happen. I do believe in modern medicine, but also in traditional and integrative healing. Most of all, I believe in the power of the human spirit and in the web we weave with one another and with everything else on the planet.

Intentional Healing
Jeanne Achterberg Ph.D.

Consciousness and
Connection for Health and Well–Being

During the last 30
years, Dr. Achterberg has pioneered a bold new path of scientific research showing how positive intent is not only a medically sound course of treatment but also a necessary part of every healing process.

On Intentional Healing, she presents an exclusive, six-CD program that teaches you how focused thoughts and intentions effect actual healing in our bodies. Join her for a practical guide exploring how you can apply these innovative, profound healing techniques to your everyday life.

The world has lost one of its best citizens.
A true pioneer, alternative medicine
would not have come this far
without her dedication
and advocacy.

Our friend Jeanne died on
March 7, 2012

Take up the flag
to carry on her work.
Now, more than ever,
we must take responsibility
for our own health, the health
of our children, and the health of
our planet. No one can do it for us.

Kokolulu Cancer Retreats,
still modeled after the protocol
that Jeanne, Karin and Lew created
is a source of survivor tools and support.
Help keep her dream alive.
=> Jeanne Achterberg Cancer Charity <=

RITUALS OF HEALINGRituals of Healing:  Using Imagery for Health and Wellness.

With Barbara Dossey and Leslie Kolkmeier.  Bantam  Books.

Rituals of Healing uses the mind-body connection develop remarkable techniques for healing -- which it presents with the inspiring stories of patients who have used them successfully.

This is a practical guide to using the power of the mind and the imagination form rituals that can help the body restore and maintain health.

Filled with specific exercises, imagery scripts, and insightful case histories, this book provides caring, attentive guidance through each step of the healing process.

Woman As HealerWoman as Healer:  A panoramic survey of the healing activities of women from prehistoric times to the present.

Shambhala Books.

 "Jeanne Achterberg  has integrated the role of woman as healer into an historical framework in a totally absorbing and thought-provoking way.  Her appreciation of the living reality of the symbol enhances her splendid scholarship.  Unforgettable insight! "
Marion Woodman, Jungan analyst.

"This shocking and inspiring book reveals the unpaid debt our civilization owes to women healers.  This shameful, little-known chapter in the history of healing must be brought to the surface and acknowledged if our healing professions are themselves to be healed."  Larry Dossey, M.D. author of Prayer is Good Medicine and many other best-selling books.

The Healing Mind Presents Vision Quest and Healing Journey

On this remarkable CD, Dr. Jeanne Achterberg will lead you through two powerful guided imagery processes aimed at helping you reach innner resources that can help support your efforts towards healing for the mind body, and spirit. Vision Quest gives you the opportunity to go deeply within and connect with your wisdom and strength, while Healing Journey helps you focus on the process of healing in whatever parts of you need special attention and assistance.
Orders can be placed with The Healing Mind
Or call toll-free 1-866-879-2231. $15.95

Featured article:

The significance of this experiment is farreaching and incredibly profound. A great deal of reflection is required to fully comprehend the impact on our relationships with the whole rest of the planet's population.

From the beginnings of medical history, humans have held a belief in a spiritual connection to others separated from them at a distance. These beliefs have been held as the basis for the efficacy of prayer, so-called energy healing, and the ability to heal others at a distance ("nonlocal healing").

Despite the longevity of the concept, these phenomena are largely dismissed by the advocates of the biomedical model because they do not fit the expressions scientific paradigm. Evidence for Correlations Between Distant Intentionality and Brain Function in Recipients: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis - is reported in the November 6, 2005 issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.